Our company 's goal is to deliver professional services that observe the highest standards of audit and financial reporting ethics and, together with our partners, to deliver full services in order to support all our clients in developing their business. The quality of our services is reflected by the number of our clients and their dimensions.


The client portfolio of Senior Audit Services comprises Romanian companies and foreign companies with branches opened in Romania. Companies active in the following fields of activities trusted the services rendered by us:


In the current economic context, service providers must meet the expectations of their beneficiaries; this is why we deliver optimal solutions to arising requirements and problems.
Consultancy for business and management
Having a broad auditing experience, our auditors and economists are providing professional services to important business and management consultancy companies.
Seriousness and trust are the key-words defining our ties with numerous clients from the advertising field.
IT and IT consultancy
Senior Audit Services has an extensive portfolio of clients active in the IT field and provides support by solving in an optimal manner all their requirements, concerns and goals.
Wholesale and retail
Senior Audit Services is a trustful and long term partner for all clients active in the trade field.
Our collaboration with numerous health companies proves high professional competencies.
We are a well trained team, always listening to our clients needs in order to help them to find suitable solutions and building relations on trust and support.


Senior Audit Services aims to offer the support needed by each client, regardless of the nature of the activity. That is why we are looking forward to work with clients from other fields of activity, as well. Each client is unique, we therefore treat all our clients with the utmost concern and commitment. As well, we offer our services to:

  • Sport clubs;
  • Publishing businesses;
  • Sport halls;
  • Bars.